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Let’s turn that dream into an address!

We want to help and guide you choose the perfect home of your dreams.  So, let’s make it happen!


Reserve your home today!

Fill up the Buyer’s Information Sheet* provided by your SPDC Sales Team (ST). Once you have accomplished this, the SPDC ST will hand you your Reservation Agreement, as well as prepare for you a Computation Sheet that would detail the different payment schemes available. Finally, you will be requested to sign the Reservation Agreement and settle the corresponding Reservation Fee of the house you desire.


Choose your desired payment scheme

On whatever suits you best, you now choose the payment scheme that you will be applying for your home. We have three modes of payment: In-House Financing, Bank Financing and Pag-ibig Financing. If you want to know more about this, your Agent will be happy to discuss this with you.


Prepare the necessary requirements

Last step, prepare your documentary requirements. To know more about these, please see Buyer’s Manual.

Download Buyer's Manual

Documentary Requirements and Procedures

Reservation Requirements

After choosing and reserving your dream home, we humbly ask you to comply with the documentary process. Below are the following documents you must submit to SPDC Sales Team:

Filled-up Buyer’s Information Sheet

Signed Reservation Agreement

Signed Contract to Sell (CTS)

Signed Deed of Restrictions

2 Government I.D. with 3 specimen signature

Recent Bank Statement or latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Latest 1x1 photo of buyer

Certificate of Employment

Proof of Billing (must be the latest billing statement)

Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate (if married)

Post Dated Checks (PDC) for Equity payment

Additional Requirements for Foreigners/OFW

Photocopy of Passport/Visa

Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

Photocopy of Employment Contract or Certificate of Employment & Compensation

Additional Requirements for Corporations

Corporate TIN Number

Proof of Billing with Corporate Address

Validated 1903 for new corporation and 2303 for existing corporation

Photocopy of Articles of Incorporation & By-laws

Notarized Secretary Certificate & Board Resolution

GIS signed by Corporate Secretary

Payment Schemes and Processing Requirements

30% Equity (Payable for 24 Months)
70% Loan

Once Equity has been 100% paid and House Construction has already reached 90%, please help us process your Pag-Ibig loan by providing us with the following documents:

Housing Form with 2pcs of 1×1 picture (2 copies)

Notarized Copy of Certificate of Employment (COE) or Overseas Employment Contract (OEC)

  • 3 months payslip or a Copy of Salary Contract
  • Latest Bank Statement or Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Birth Certificate/Marriage Contract
  • Government ID of Buyer and Spouse and a copy with 3 specimen signatures
  • Specialized Power of Attorney (SPA), if necessary
  • MSVS Form
  • Processing Fee of P3,000

If you want to know if you are eligible and may apply for a Pag-Ibig Loan, please click the download button below.

Download PDF format of Pag-Ibig FAQs

20% Equity (Payable for 24 Months)
80% Loan

After settling your equity amount and after your house has been fully constructed, you may now apply your home loan thru any bank you prefer. For SPDC accredited banks, please see below. We encourage you to apply your home loan with them for faster transaction on both our end.

Upon your submission of your chosen bank’s requirements, our Collections agent will send the bank  a copy of your Statement of Account. After we receive the bank loan release, you will be issued a Clearance for Turnover and be endorsed to our Turnover Department for unit inspection.

Below is the list of SPDC accredited banks:

  • WealthBank
  • Bank of Commerce
  • RCBC
  • PNB
  • Robinson’s Bank

If you desire to change your payment terms for the balance from In-House Financing to Bank Financing, the procedure above shall be followed.

20% Equity Down payment (Payable for 24 – 12 Months)
80% In-house (Maximum of 7 Years)

Upon submission of the required documentary requirements and payment of the total equity amount, we will require you to issue us Post Dated Checks (PDCs) that will cover the number of years of in-house financing. Please note that our maximum allowable years of In-House Financing is 5 -7 years. For details and extension, please talk to your SPDC Sales Team which will still be subject for approval from SPDC heads.

For In-House Financing, after we receive 50% payment of TCP (Total Contract Price) the required down payment and the complete PDCs covering the rest of the amount, you will be issued a Clearance for Turnover. You will then be endorsed to our Turnover Department  for unit inspection.

Deferred Cash

100% TCP (Payable for 24 Months without Interest)

Spot Cash Equity

With 2% Discount on Equity

Spot Cash TCP

With 5% Discount on the Total Contract Price (TCP)


If you wish to cancel the purchased unit or back-out from your purchase, please submit a notarized cancellation to our Customer Service or any of our SPDC Sales Team. Your request will be endorsed to the Administration for verification and approval. All payments made will be forfeited if the account is not covered by Republic Act No. 6552 or “Maceda Law”, less applicable deductions as stipulated in the contract.

Under RA 6552 or the “Maceda Law”, buyers of real estate on installment payments has a right to a refund of the installment payments or monthly amortization was paid for at least two (2) years. This law is only applicable to accounts that have defaulted in payments and does not cover those other reasons.


Upon the buyer’s default in payment or his failure to pay monthly amortization beyond the reasonable time, the Credit and Collection Department will issue a demand letter to the client. If the account still remains unsettled after the deadline given in the demand letter, such will be endorsed to the Legal Department for proper action. A Notice of Cancellation from the Legal Department will then be sent to the buyer for actual cancellation of the account.