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Project Overview

Experience the ultimate getaway house in the shoreline of Lilo-an. These reimagined modern houses is literally steps away from the sand and sea. Imagine the countless experiences with your loved ones in this beautiful curated home. Designed to provide the liberation from everyday cares and stress, the Sofia houses will give you comfort like on a vacation. At a price point that does not hurt your pocket, this investment comes once in a lifetime.

Our high-ceiling houses adds drama as it fills the room with abundant light while looking to the great sea and beyond. The spacious porch and balcony gives you another outdoor living entertainment as you watch the sunset in the horizon. Just an hour drive away from the city, our Sofia Houses in the shoreline of Lilo-an will give you memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Types of Houses

Sofia Project Video

Developmental Plan


Payment and Discount Schemes

  1. Minimum Down Payment Rate Discounting (balance can be paid in cash or thru bank financing upon turn over)

10% Discount when 50% DP is spread through 18 months

8% Discount when 40% DP is spread through 18 months

6% Discount when 30% DP is spread through 18 months

4% Discount when 20% DP is spread through 18 months

2. Additional Discounts for Spot Cash Payment for chosen Equity Scheme

5% Discount for 50% Equity

4% Discount for 40% Equity

3% Discount for 30% Equity

2% Discount for 20% Equity